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UV Printing (Full Color):

*BALLPEN UV Printing (Full Color):


PRICE depends on SIZE of Graphics and VOLUME of order.

PACKAGE (Ballpens & UV Print Full Color):
Ballpens: #0133, #805, #888, #822, #986, #601, #0059, #808, #007
100pcs – 499pcs: P11.50/pc
500pcs – 999pcs: P11.25/pc
1,000pcs – 4,999pcs: P11.00/pc
5,000pcs – 9,999pcs: P10.50/pc
10,000pcs – 49,999pcs: P10.00/pc
50,000pcs – 99,999pcs: P9.50/pc
100,000pcs – 249,999pcs: P9.00/pc
250,000pcs – 499,999pcs: P8.50/pc
500,000pcs – 749,999pcs: P8.00/pc
750,000pcs – 999,999pcs: P7.50/pc
1,000,000pcs Up: P7.00/pc

BALLPEN UV PRINTING Full Color Only (Ballpens not included):
100pcs: P7.00/pc/side
500pcs: P6.50/pc/side
1,000pcs: P6.00/pc/side
5,000pcs: P5.50/pc/side
10,000pcs: P5.00/pc/side
50,000pcs: P4.50/pc/side
100,000pcs: P4.00/pc/side
250,000pcs: P3.50/pc/side
500,000pcs: P3.00/pc/side
750,000pcs: P2.50/pc/side
1,000,000pcs: P2.00/pc/side

UV PRINTING Full Color Only (for Tumblers and Cylindrical Items):
30pcs: P32.00/pc/side (Image Size: 1.5in x 1.5in)
100pcs: P28.00/pc/side
500pcs: P23.00/pc/side
1,000pcs: P21.00/pc/side
5,000pcs: P19.00/pc/side
10,000pcs: P18.00/pc/side
50,000pcs: P17.00/pc/side
100,000pcs: P16.00/pc/side
250,000pcs: P15.00/pc/side
500,000pcs: P14.00/pc/side
750,000pcs: P13.00/pc/side
1,000,000pcs: P12.00/pc/side

*We also print on:
-Shot Glass
-Sport Jugs, Shot Glasses
-Other Flat Surfaces/ Cylindrical Surfaces, etc.

PRICE depends on SIZE of Graphics and VOLUME of order.